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October 2016 Natural Horse Magazine

 Months of detoxification, barefoot rehabilitation, dental and chiropractic care, along with intense nutritional support brought Benny to a physically healthful state with the Stringhalt cured, but training was a complicated challenge....

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July 2014 Horse Girl TV

June 2015 Holistic Horse Magazine

I hear frequently from horse owners “I love my horse but she just walks away from me” or “I can’t catch my horse”.  So how do we communicate with our horses in an effective way? read more>>

I asked him to pick up his foot in my usual way by gently squeezing his fetlock area, but he wouldn’t budge.  While bent over I told him “I’ll brush you after I get your boots on so let me pick up your foot” but he still didn’t budge.  I leaned into him as I continued to squeeze his fetlock, even bumped him with my elbow to get his attention

Alaska Airlines Magazine


To describe the feeling when a horse follows you, dances with you and engages you in play read more >>

Nov 2015 Horsen' Around Magazine

Animal Whisperers guide four-legged family members to better behavior

I hear this all the time from regular visitors, clinic participants and followers "your horses are NEVER sick, what's your secret?" 

ShowLife Horse Magazine

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Nov 2015 Equine Info Exhcange

December 2016 Horse Bits Magazine


It was my turn to talk to this new giant of the horse industry and I quickly told my story so not to take up too much of his time. He said two words to me “hit him”! I was stunned not sure that I heard him right and replied “say again?” he repeated “just hit him”, and then he got up from his stool and walked off as handlers led him to the arena for his next performance

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