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Training the Whole Horse®

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RELEASED March 2017: Changing the HOW of Horse Training for the BETTER!

RELEASED March 2017: Gentle Horse Academy Launches Online Courses

RELEASED December 2016: Horse Communication-Beyond Words & Actions

RELEASED September 2016: My Horse is Afraid of Me

RELEASED August 2016: The All-In-One Bitless Bridle as Seen in the Movie "Brother Nature"

RELEASED July 2016: Gentle Horse Training - Remember Your Manners

RELEASED April 2016: Gentle Horse Training Academy in Full Swing

​​RELEASED March 2016: Help My Horse Is Trying to Kill Me

RELEASED Jan 2016: A Star Reborn Part 3

​RELEASED Dec 2015: A Star Reborn Part 2

RELEASED Dec 2015: Soaking Time

RELEASED Nov 2015: Complications of a Rescue Horse

RELEASED Nov 2015: A Star Reborn Part 1

RELEASED Oct 2015: EQUUS Film Festival Honorable Mention

RELEASED Oct 2015: A Better Understanding

RELEASED Sept 2015: Sentient Horse

RELEASED Aug 2015: Virtual Energy Field of Communication

RELEASED Aug 2015: Becoming a Horse Trainer

RELEASED June 2015: Bit to Bitless in Minutes

RELEASED June 2015: Foundational Horse Care Part 2

RELEASED May 2015: Fly Control

RELEASED May 2015: Foundational Horse Care Part 1

RELEASED Apr 2015: Grandpa's Dentist

RELEASED Apr 2015: Gentle Horse Training Part 4

RELEASED Mar 2015: Newly Certified Horse Master ROCKS Romanian Horse Industry

RELEASED Mar 2015: Gentle Horse Training Part 3

RELEASED Feb 2015: Gentle Horse Training Part 2

RELEASED Jan 2015: Gentle Horse Training Part 1

RELEASED Dec 2014: Gentle Doesn't Mean Wimpy

RELEASED Nov 2014: Rethinking Round Penning

RELEASED Nov 2014: No Buck Policy

RELEASED Oct 2014: Starting Under Saddle DVD Series Release

RELEASED Sept 2014: Training the Whole Horse KIT Upgrade

RELEASED Sept 2014: Sudden Behavior Changes

RELEASED Aug 2014: Are You Listening?

RELEASED Aug 2014: Don't Touch Me

RELEASED July 2014: Horse Bucks for No Reason

RELEASED June 2014: A Secret Trail Adventure Series

RELEASED May 2014: Triumph over Tragedy an interview with author Gina McKnight

RELEASED May 2014: Missy Wryn Professional Humane Educator

RELEASED Apr 2014: Anthropomorphizing your Horse What does that Mean?

RELEASED Mar 2014: Dreams of Freedom

RELEASED Mar 2014: Wait for me to catch up

RELEASED Feb 2014:  A Softer Side of Horsemanship

RELEASED Feb 2014: Just Hit Him - Say Again?

RELEASED Jan 2014: The Invisible Tether

RELEASED August 2013: It's Not All in Your Head

RELEASED July 2013: A View from the Top

RELEASED April 2013: FREE Online Viewing of Missy Wryn's Horse Training & Wellness Videos NOW Available

RELEASED April 2013:  Aggression Misunderstood